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I’m Hafeed, a sound designer based in Leeds, UK. Storytelling has always been a big part of my life, and I’m so lucky to be able to speak this through sound. My journey started when I picked up the guitar at age 13, and I was blessed to follow my dreams. After my graduation with a computer science degree at the age of 19, I moved to another city to find a job in the arts. Luckily, I was hired by a local company as a boom operator, and then they trusted me enough to work on their projects’ post-production. I loved every minute of it as I was able to be free with trial and error.

With time, I grew remote relationships and started saving money. In 2022, I got hired by a video game studio as a composer and sound designer. I saved enough money to study in the UK, and I fell in love with the craft even more as I got an unpaid student internship at 344 Audio and worked on multiple games, including AAA titles, as a sound designer. I shipped my first game with the game studio this June while working on an indie adventure 3D game in my off time.


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Nina Lothran
3D modeler
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Katsuki Kamida
Game developer
“Every project we’ve hired Hafeed challenged him in new ways, whether it be through new software he never used before, animated TV Shows, Reality TV Shows, or shows working with complicated vehicle sequences. When work was submitted for review, Hafeed was open to feedback, willing to make the requested changes, and asked questions when he did not understand some ways of working, which has saved me a lot of time and has helped me out immensely.“
Tyler Gillis
Video Games Sound Designer / Field Recordist, Owner of Aftertouchaudio


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