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Hi I’m Hafeed welcome to my corner of the internet, I’m a freelance sound designer and composer based in Tripoli, Libya who has spent 3 years producing audio for video and Each aspect of Film Sound design informs every other aspect, so the more I learn about your project the better I can do my job as a sound designer. Each Film/Tv/Gmae I work on is its own creative adventure and exploring new concepts/challenges is always super exciting!

With an extensive background in audio engineering and mixing for film/television/media branding and more, I bring creativity and technical expertise together to support motion designers, animators, directors, and filmmakers with every aspect of sound for their projects.

Idealist. Surrealist. Overall an art nerd

What I do

The many Facets of sound art


A music track that works seamlessly with sound design is an incredibly powerful tool to set the tone and emotion of your project. I work, using a mix of acoustic and electronic instrumentation, to create music that fits the brand and direction.

Sound design

Great sound design elevates any video project. Using designed sounds, musical sound effects, field recordings, and custom foley, I utilize audio to breath life into your project, giving moving images, characters, and transitions a voice.

Mixing and Mastering

Ah, how good it feels to see it all come together. Mixing and mastering is that last step in the audio world process. Making sure all the audio elements work well with the music and with each other in the beautiful audio spectrum.

And More…

From voice acting direction to field recording, foley work to audio synthesis. Each Film/Video/Game has its own world with its own set of challenges and needs, that’s what makes this work so exciting. I love working creatively with the development team to solve challenges in the most interesting way possible.

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I love getting involved and helping other developers create new and exciting art.
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